Books: Causers of Unnecessary Stress

Starting out college can be rough. It can be especially rough when things go wrong.  I got the required textbook list when I went to orientation over the summer before my freshman year. A few weeks later, however, I got an email about an update in one of my course lists. So I ordered the new book. No harm, no foul. However, it said it was supposed to ship like the weekend after classes were supposed to start. As luck would have it, we needed that book the first week of classes and pretty much the only week we would need it. Obviously, I didn’t have the book. So after my classes, I walked to one of the textbook stores. I searched everywhere and they lacked this book. Slightly frustrated, I walked to the other bookstore on the other side of campus. I searched through the shelves and almost despaired when I could not find the book there either. Finally, miraculously, I found the book! I decided to rent it instead of buying it since I had another copy coming. I think my mom ended up returning the book once it finally came (I had it shipped to my house instead of my school address because I did not know the address at the time).

That was not the only book I struggled to obtain. One of the books I picked up the day I moved in was in Greek. I did not notice it at the time because the title was in English and that was a busy day. So anyway, the weekend before we were about to read that book, I opened it and discovered that it was not in a language I read. So instead of spending money, I walked over to the library to see if they had it. I did not know where to find it, but thankfully, there were kind people at the information desk. They were able to find the book and tell me where it was (he even wrote it down so I would not forget). I then walked to the second floor of the library and searched for this book. It took me a few minutes to find the section this book was supposed to be in. When I finally did find it, it was on the top shelf. I am 5’3″ and had no chance of reaching it. I found a miniature stepstool and picked out a copy of the book in English (I checked). I returned to my room and opened it to read. As I was reading it, I realized it was not divided up. We were only reading sections of this book and I needed to know where to stop. The next day, I returned to the library to return the book and find a better copy. It took me no time to find the section; however, I ran into another obstacle. The stepladder I had stood on the day before was gone. I debated for about five minutes on what to do since I could not reach the book and I had searched for the stepstool. I even considered borrowing an ottoman from a chair to use that as a stepstool. I decided against that and found the stepstool hidden away in an aisle. I picked it up and walked it back to my aisle. I stood on it as I considered which book would be best for my needs. I finally found one and checked it out, thus ending my struggles. Nevertheless, I actually ended up helping a friend find the same book. Luckily, I knew right where it was and she got a copy she could work with on the first try.

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