A Case of the Mondays

Does anyone else find themselves struggling on Mondays, or is that just me? Whatever the case, my day yesterday was definitely on the struggle bus. Please do not feel bad for me; I laughed it all off.

So it all started when I woke up. Actually, I am just kidding: I managed to wake up on time. I got up and noticed my roommate was still in bed, which is unusual for Monday mornings. I got dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt because nothing in my closet looked appealing and got ready to start the day. I was doing good on time, but as usual, a few minor things happened that set me back a little. I even managed to walk out of my room and down the hallway a little ways before I remembered something that I needed and had to turn back. Thankfully, I still made it to my first class on time. Class was fine, and I was out of the room in a hurry to make it to my next class, which is a long ways away and on the fourth floor. (I only have ten minutes to get there. If I leave my first class at 9:50, I usually walk into the building at 9:58, so I am usually only a couple minutes late). So as usual, I took the elevator (if I am going to be late, I might as well not climb eight flights of stairs). I got out of the elevator and walked down the hallway. I did not hear my professor talking, which should have been my first sign. I turned the corner and saw that the classroom was dark. It was then that I remembered that my professor had told us that class was cancelled that Monday. I shook my head in disappointment only for myself and walked back down the stairs. I went to go get an early lunch at the Atrium, which is right next to my 12:00 class and where I always go on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays because of its proximity. I sat down at a table and realized that, surprisingly, I had no homework that needed to be done. So instead, I browsed through Pinterest to finalize some Christmas ideas.When I finally got lunch, I beat the rush and was actually able to get Chick-fil-A, which usually has a long line. I sat down and ate my lunch. Since I had extra time, I decided what this day needed was some Jamba Juice. I bought my customary favorite, the Strawberry Surf Rider (strawberry, peach, lemon, and lime), with a boost of daily vitamins for good measure. Well I went into my 12:00 class and found a seat in the normal vicinity. I kept messing up my notes and then we started watching a video in class. I made to grab my smoothie and almost dropped it. However, in the klutzy process of attempting not to lose my drink, I whacked the chair next to me with my elbow, which made an extremely loud noise. It was at a quiet part in the video and multiple people turned around. I just drank my smoothie and pretended it was not me that had just caused a commotion, but my face probably turned bright red and betrayed me. Thankfully, the rest of that class and the class after passed without any more exciting incidents. I got back to my room and did some homework. The only struggle with that was that I did not want to do it, but that’s a customary thing with the class. I had time, so I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (no, not for the first time). Then that night, the town of Muncie got put under a boil alert, saying that the city water was not safe. Thankfully, since I was in Mexico City a few years ago where the water was unsafe, I had my water bottle filled and I used that to brush my teeth. I finally just decided to call it a day and climbed into bed.

My struggles, however, seemed to continue this morning as I overslept my alarms and woke up forty-five minutes before my first class (as opposed to the usual hour and a half). Nevertheless, I managed to get completely ready (including putting on makeup and a necklace) and made it to class right as the GA was closing the door. From there, my day got better. We received a graded quiz that had been taken on Thursday, and I got credit for “rocking the boat” on a question where a quote was taken out of context. (My professor gives us six questions on our quiz, but we only have to answer five. Furthermore, we can choose which one we do not want to answer. One of my friends purposely did not answer the “controversial” question). I cited the page of the quote and gave a convincing argument, and I was pleased with the results of receiving credit for it. In my second class, I had everything ready to go to be uploaded and it went fairly smoothly. Thus, we were able to leave class thirty minutes early.

It does not matter how bad your week starts, or how much you are on the struggle bus. If I have learned anything, it is that for every bad or chaotic day where everything seems to go wrong, there is a day where everything will go right. So keep your head up, keep going, and sometimes you need to laugh at yourself.

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