How I Completely Redid my Room for $50

I’ll be the first to admit it: I tend to hoard things. I don’t do it intentionally, but I attach memories to things, and then have a hard time getting rid of them. This has consequently led to my room not having been updated probably since before I started high school.

Since about early January, I reached a  point where I was tired of the way my room looked. It was over-crowded and didn’t seem as much like me anymore. And I was 65 miles away! I decided that when I got home this summer, I would FINALLY update my room.

Once I got home, it took a while to actually find time to tackle this project. My room kept getting messier due to my college stuff and just my other stuff. So finally, on the second week of June (after we got home from Florida), I grabbed a trash bag, and marched up to my room. It was slow going because I could only work on it after I got done at my internship. I threw things away like you wouldn’t believe. However, I knew I was lacking some things, like a bookshelf, and large storage. I had plenty of small storage, but those were just all over my room. I also needed a bookshelf (we’ll come back to that in a second).

I did my best to repurpose things I already had. I didn’t want to spend more than I needed to. For example, one of the places I stored craft supplies was in a large box that at one point held computer paper. In my craft supplies themselves, I found a rather large piece of fabric and some decorative rope. After messing with it for a little bit, I figured out how to make the fabric fit over the box. I used hot glue to secure it, and basically gift-wrapped the box. Then, I glued the rope around the box to provide some decoration, and voila! box that is no longer an eyesore.

One of my other favorite examples (I promise I won’t bore you with everything I did, but this one was pretty incredible): I like to do a lot of crafts and have accumulated a ton of supplies. One of those supplies is yarn. I have a dishpan container (it’s pretty deep) and the lower half of my nightstand (which is hollow, and perfect for storage) were full of yarn. I have a laundry hamper that I was using for my clothes in my room, while the one I used for my dorm was in the spare bedroom. Anyway, I took all my yarn and put it into the laundry hamper. Then I took the laundry bag that I used for college and hung it on an over-the-door hook that my mom had given me from a coworker of hers. So to sum up: I put my yarn into a laundry hamper, and used a different laundry bag for my clothes. The bottom half of my nightstand became the perfect place for my jewelry.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Once I got everything out of my room, I needed to know what to buy so I could finish this the right way. I put myself on a budget so A. I didn’t overspend, B. So I didn’t buy things I really didn’t need, and C. So I could do this as cheap as possible. With my budget in mind, I set out to thrift stores.

My first stop (after I got done at the museum of course) was to a local flea market. I spent way longer than I wanted there because I was price-checking a couple things. I ended up buying a (much-needed) jewelry box and a magazine holder with a file tray. Next stop was the Dollar Tree. (P.S. I love the Dollar Tree, in case anyone was wondering). There I purchased binder clips to sort out my construction paper and shower hooks (coming back to that too). My last stop for the day was to Meijer. I knew what I wanted and got it: a wide rolling drawer cart (to hold all the small storage I mentioned earlier).  Back to the bookshelf: I wanted to buy this gorgeous bookshelf that I found at the flea market, but I had to stay true to my budget first. I ended up “not having enough money” (I had the money, it just would’ve been over budget) for it, so I swapped one in my room out for the one in the spare bedroom.

In doing my bedroom alone, I cleaned every nook and cranny. I vacuumed my room with everything out of it (or as much as possible). I even cleaned out underneath my bed. By the time I was done, I had 3 trash bags full. Three. That’s nuts.

Here’s the summarized of my shopping list with prices (and what I’ve used them for) for just my bedroom:

Flea Market- $12.70 for Jewelry box (jewelry) and the Magazine holder with file tray (Bibles and various notebooks for them).

Dollar Tree- $3.21 for one thing of binder clips (organize colored construction paper) and 2 things of shower hooks (for the closet, will explain).

Meijer- $19.25 for three-drawer rolling cart (for storage of all my storage).

Once I finished my room, I was so proud of myself. Nevertheless, I knew that the battle was only about halfway over. I was doing this right. That included doing my closet. I have a walk-in closet, and that has become my catch-all.

In doing this, I started with my going through my actual clothes. I had done this fairly recently, but I still produced a full trash bag of clothes for donation. Once I had done that, I went through both the bottom and the top of my closet. That didn’t take as long as my room thankfully. From my closet, I produced two full bags of trash, plus some big things that wouldn’t fit in a trash bag. Once everything was out, I vacuumed. Then came the part of how to organize everything. I had found a couple things on Pinterest for my wardrobe I wanted to incorporate. The first was attaching shower hooks to a hanger. Each shower hook I then put a tank top on, saving space. I also hung up all my old dance costumes (oh the memories!). I had seen this really cool idea on Pinterest about how to hang up pants while saving space, but I’ll tell that story in a second.

Since I stayed under my budget for my room (I only spent about $35), I added a little more to make the whole budget about $50. My budget was less because I needed to buy less. Once I had my budget and my shopping list, I set out, only to two places this time.

Surprise, surprise, I went to the Dollar Tree. I found a fairly large collapsible fabric container, but I didn’t find the thing I was looking for to hang up my pants. So, I went to Meijer. I found a large crate for all my movies (I’m developing a decent collection), but I still didn’t find what I was looking for for the other thing. But I found an improvement. See, the thing I saw on Pinterest had a belt loop on a pair of pants attached to an S hook. Instead of an S hook, I found a shower hook that kind of looks like an anchor fused with a question mark. It’s meant to keep the liner and the curtain separate (we actually have fancy ones of this version in my bathroom). But I didn’t need fancy. I needed cheap and practical. That’s what I found. I put one pair of pants on each side, and I can actually see all of my pants now. It’s pretty amazing actually.

Summarized spending list of closet (same as last):

Dollar Tree- $1.07 for collapsible fabric container (for all my hats).

Meijer- $12.81 for crate (for movies) and two things of those anchor hooks (for my pants).

Overall, I spent $35.16 for my room and $13.88 for my closet. Together, that totals $49.04 for the whole thing. But I’m sure you’re tired of hearing abut everything I did. So, here are pictures to show you:

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