A Week in Review

It is so crazy to me that my first week of classes of my sophomore year is already done. I have done so much in this first week alone. For those of you that maybe don’t see me everyday, here is my recap of the week:

Saturday, August 19: Move-in day. I had three awesome friends (including my roommate) help me get everything unloaded from my car and transported into my room. I didn’t do much except unpack and chill.

Sunday, August 20: I went and picked up my books for the semester from the library. I also went to the grocery store for a few things. Basically just making sure everything was ready to go for classes.

Monday, August 21: Man, this was a whirlwind of a day. First, I had three classes. After my last class, I went to go try to find the location for my first class for the next day (for any other BSU students, you know that North Quad is the most confusing building on campus). However, I walked into the wrong building and was really confused why the classroom didn’t exist until I realized what I had done. Then, I was just going to find it on my way back, so I went to the Student Center to pick up my parking pas for the year. However, I had an outstanding balance on it, and silly me, I didn’t bring my debit card with me. So I told them I would be back, and left. I went into the right building this time to find my classroom, but I didn’t go in. I just checked that was the right number (I’ll come back to that in a moment). Then, I went back to my room. By this point, I didn’t have much time until the eclipse and then my interview. However, I was not sure how to dress for said interview. See, I had already walked through the building and had been emailing the person under whom I would be working. his email asked me to “swing by.” I wasn’t sure what that meant (could be an interview, could be just a formality of saying I have the job), so I dressed in slacks and a blazer as though it were an interview. I was even thinking of printing my resume for him just in case. However, around that time, the power went out throughout almost all of campus and even parts of Muncie. So, printing my resume became a no-go. Well, a couple of my friends wanted to go outside and watch the surrounding as the eclipse occurred (none of us had glasses), so I went with them. It did not get as dark as we expected, but it was still cool. Another friend actually ended up letting me borrow her glasses for a few moments so I was able to catch a bit of the end of it. Then, I got in my car and drove to the job site (it’s technically on campus, but it’s up near the stadium, about a mile and a half away). I went in with no expectations, and no phone (I intentionally left my phone in the car so as to not be a distraction). Well, I walked in and the man I was going to be “interviewing” for was talking to a bunch of kids my age, most of whom were nicely dressed and carried folders. They were all arranging tables and chairs to sit around. I immediately began to panic mentally. I worried he was going to interview everyone at once. However, when he saw me, he told me to go sit in another area and he would be there shortly. I immediately began to feel better. This wasn’t a group interview after all! So, he and two others interviewed me, asking me questions, and having me talk about myself. Then, I left with the promise that I would know by the end of the week. I went back to the Student Center to pick up (read: pay for) my parking pass. I then applied it to my car, and parked my car in the proper spot. That was the excitement of Monday.

Tuesday, August 22: I mentioned that I had found the classroom but didn’t look inside. Well, Tuesday morning, when I went inside, I inwardly was already upset. The room is small, and the chairs with the desks attached are on wheels, meaning there aren’t any rows. The chairs were just haphazardly in the cramped room. Also, this is my first 300-level course, meaning it’s supposedly more advanced than 100- or 200-level classes. Most of my classmates are juniors and seniors, which is kind of intimidating as a sophomore.

The other two classes of the day went off without a hitch. In fact, my second class didn’t even have the syllabus printed due to the power outage the day before. So we were only in there for about twenty minutes.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday passed pretty much the same as Monday and Tuesday. My first class on Tuesday and Thursday (the 300 one) is still a little intimidating, but I’m getting used to it. On Thursday, I also attended the History Department’s Welcome Mixer. It was a nice opportunity to talk with some professors, meet some new people, and promote the History Club.

Another update from this week: the job. I knew I was going to find out by the end of the week, and sure enough, I woke up to an email Friday morning saying that if I wanted it, the job is mine. He asked how soon I could work; since I already had plans that night, I told him Monday. We talked about scheduling, and for the most part, it shouldn’t interfere with History Club, which is great. Speaking of History Club, we had an officers’ meeting this week. It was almost a little surreal to be included in the group, but I love it.

Also, over the summer, I had applied for a scholarship that I qualified for by working at the museum this summer. I had forgotten when those would be announced, but it turned out to be Friday as well. I looked at my application again and it said “Winners would be emailed.” I waited all day for an email. It even got to a point that I was seriously just waiting for a no. However, I never got one. So I guess that means I didn’t get the scholarship? I don’t really know to be honest. But I’m not upset about it.

I know that this semester is going to be tough. In fact, this past weekend, I went out and bought a monthly planner so that I could write down all my due dates and exam dates (it’s all color-coordinated and everything). This semester might be the hardest one of my college career. I’m still taking 18 credits (similar to every semester), but just my classes are going to be a little more difficult. I’ve already done three decently sized homework assignments. In my psychology class (the 300-level class), we have an assignment basically every week. One thing that kind of irritates me about it is that each assignment is only supposed to be 1-2 pages, but she wants a title page and a reference page for each one. I feel like it’s a lot of work for insignificant assignments. On the other hand, I had the opportunity to write a paper (around the same length as my weekly psychology assignments) about Converse, which was way cool.

The last thing I want to talk about is my blog. I’ve got some ideas for the semester that I hope to write about at some point. But as always, my offer stands to accepting other people’s ideas. If there’s something you want me to talk about, get a hold of me. Obviously, I have final say, but I welcome suggestions, even if they require research. Who knows, your suggestion may end up being a post in the near future. But I won’t know if you want me to say something if you don’t tell me.

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