I don’t know about you, but I love fall. I love all the changing colors, the changing weather, and the excuse to drink hot apple cider (not that I need one but hey). The time from my birthday to Christmas is just so beautiful. I love living in Indiana and being able to experience all 4 seasons (even if that occurs all in a week). 

Along with the changing of the seasons, I want “change” to be today’s topic. We’re nearing the end of the semester, and that’s always a big change. I know it will be for me at least because I don’t have a 9 AM next semester. That’s not such a big deal. However, that 9 AM was my Honors class. It was a sequence and most of the same people were in it all through the sequence. That makes it a big deal. 

That’s just one change in my life. Perhaps you may know that I’ve been working out, and when I actually eat, I eat well. I’m not loading up on junk food all the time. Granted, my work schedule sometimes makes it hard to eat fresh food, but even then, I don’t eat poorly. If I have chicken nuggets for lunch from Chick-fil-A (pretty common occurrence), then I’ll have some Sun Chips or some other healthier alternative to fries. I’m making that change.

I could go on and on with changes, but I think I’ve made my point. Changes happen. It’s part of life. I know it’s “cuffing season”, where people want to get in a relationship so they have someone for the holidays, but you don’t need to change to be with anyone else. If you want to be in a relationship, great! But you don’t need to change to get a specific person. The right person will love you for every part of who you are and won’t try to change you. Now, you may end up changing slightly, adopting some of their mannerisms or something, but the core of who you are should stay the same. You don’t need to change for someone else.

That being said though, if there is something you want to change for yourself, then do it! If you’re like, “I don’t like x about myself, but it’s something I know I can fix,” then do it. I’m not talking height or even necessarily how you’re built, but if there’s a habit you’ve gotten into or something similar, then you change it because YOU want to. Not because someone else sees a problem with it. 

I know it’s still slightly over a month away, but New Year’s is coming up. And obviously that means New Year’s Resolutions are coming up. But why wait? Rather than start the next year on a good note, why not end this one on a good note? There’s about a month and a half left of 2017. Why not make the most of it? You might surprise yourself with what you can do.

I know this post is probably a bit shorter than some of my other ones, and that’s okay. But I want to end by challenging you with something. I challenge you to identify something in your life that you WANT to change, and to start taking the journey to make that change happen before the year is over. You don’t have to do it, but if you think you need to, then don’t wait around for next week, next month, or even next year. Do something about it and make a change.

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