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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I do not really like posting on social media. I feel that if you want to know about my personal life, you should ask me about it. It shouldn’t be out there for the whole world to see. However, I know some people disagree with me about posting on social media, and that’s okay.

One of my goals for 2018 is to update my blog every month. It could be something within the blog itself, or something relating to the blog, as long as it pertains to it. So this month, I decided to update more of my social media. I’m trying to get away from quotes as much, and I even incorporated my link on my Snapchat for people to view that way.

I will admit that this has not been the easiest change I’ve made so far, but it was definitely needed. When I first started this blog, I posted pictures of myself. While that was great initially and for likes, I ended up switching it over to quotes in January 2017. My likes dropped significantly. But let me tell you something: if I was doing this for likes or follows, A) I wouldn’t have written about half the stuff on here, and B) I wouldn’t have switched to quotes instead of pictures. I got like 8 new followers a couple weeks ago when I wrote about makeup. If this was about popularity to me, then I would probably make the switch from a lifestyle blogger to a beauty blogger in a heartbeat. But that is not what this blog is about or what it is meant to be.

When I first got a Facebook, I went through this cringe-worthy stage where I posted pretty much everything about my life. When things come up on my On This Day even now, I still cringe and promise myself that one day I’ll delete all of those terrible posts. (I have yet to follow through on that though). However, once I got into high school, I pretty much fell silent on the social media world. I would see and react to other people’s posts, but I would hardly say anything of my own. Having this blog has encouraged me to step back out onto social media, if mainly just in an effort to make sure other people know about it. The goal of this blog is to encourage, provide advice, entertain, and sometimes make you think and learn. But it does the same for me. I like being able to write out my thoughts each week. It’s a good form of therapy and helps clear my head sometimes because this is all I’m focusing on, instead of the million other things I have to do. And if I am providing a more research-based topic rather than a personal anecdote, I make sure to be thorough. A few weeks ago when I wrote about Madam CJ Walker, I had like 10 tabs open, 7 of which were information (I like to keep as few tabs open as possible. I get really stressed out when my browser is full and unorganized.) At the end of that blog post, I made sure to provide all my sources as I closed the tabs out one by one. But even though I already knew about her story, I had to do more research and go in-depth so that what I typed was accurate. So my blog is as much for me as it is for you who read it, and I use social media as my outlet to help promote it.

Another reason that I don’t post on social media too much is that it is hard for me to. I have friends from all walks of life. For example, after the Parkland shooting, the gun debate was brought front and center. (I am not discussing my opinion on that here, just using this as an example). I know people on both sides of the issue. It is hard for me to scroll through Facebook because my feed is so divided. Sometimes I get contradictory posts one right after the other. I don’t want to put my voice into the chaos unless I know it’s going to be heard. However, in this case, since people hold strongly to their convictions, I could get one side to agree with me, and the other side would yell at me. I don’t like being yelled at in person, and I hate it online too. I’d rather not add to the drama, because honestly it will not do me any good in the long run. I could give any number of examples of these, but I think you get my point. I don’t want to throw myself in the chaos if I have nothing new to say.

Again, I am trying to improve being involved in social media. I promise you can still contact me, and I will answer. I am just trying to be able to add my voice more into the fray. I probably won’t get political (see above), but I need to make my presence known. But before you post on social media, think about why you do it. Is it popularity, anger, etc.? What motivates you to post? Once you figure that out, is it worth the post and the response?

Let me know if you have any thoughts or comments!


Kim ♥

2 thoughts on “Social Media Presence

  1. Sometimes having an opinion can be tough. It seems these days, more than anytime before, having an opinion can cost you friendships. I’m not talking about the number of friends you have on Facebook, or the number of followers on twitter, I’m talking “true friends”. The world is so divided anymore and simply disagreeing one one topic can change a persons perspective of you. I admire your strength to avoid the fray. People will ALWAYS have different opinions. People who abandon friends over a single topic may not be the caliber of friends one should want. Aaron Tippin has a song that say “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”, but that doesn’t mean you have to force your opinions on everyone around you. I love your posts. It’s amazing to see such wisdom from such a young and sweet person.


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