How to (Sorta) Get Your Life Together

A mark of being an adult is having your life together. But if I’m being honest, I don’t think anyone ever completely has their life together. I think a better first sentence is “A mark of being an adult is looking like you have your life together.” I don’t always agree with the phrase “Fake it till you make it”, but I think it’s applicable in this case. I know we’re hitting graduation season, and this puts the graduates in a similar position as myself, transitioning from teenager to functional adult. However, like always, I try not to write my blog posts for just one audience, and maybe people older than me can learn something from this post.

If you’re a consistent reader of my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been giving a lot of advice and how-to’s lately. There is no real reason for it; it’s just what has been on my mind and heart lately. Plus as a lifestyle blogger, I am including you guys in my life with things that I’ve been doing.

There will be two parts to this week’s advice. The first part will be apps I’ve either been using or am just starting to use, or general apps similar to what I’m talking about. I will provide links for both IOS and Google Play so that you can download the apps straight from here if you feel so inclined. The second part will be general tips, but if you are super onto your phone, I’m sure you can find apps that you need as well. I’m trying to make it seem like I have my life together, and I’m less stressed because of these things. So I hope they help you the same way that they are helping me!


  1. Forest– Forest is a great app for focusing, especially if you’re like me, and get distracted on your phone while working. What it does: You set a specific time that you want to be off your phone. During that timed period, you can grow a virtual tree or bush and make your own virtual forest (You can back it up to your device if you pay for the premium version, along with other features). If you close out the app, your tree will die. Download: Android iPhone
  2. Smart ClosetThis closet organizing app is a great way to put all the items in your wardrobe into an app so that you can see everything you have. What it does: You take pictures of each item of clothing and fill in the information about it, including separating into categories. There is a lookbook feature, where you can create your own outfits. It also comes with a random feature to generate outfits for you. Two other cool things about this app is that it has a calendar (for the days you wear outfits and to determine frequency) and a packing widget (to visualize what you want to pack and outfits you want to take). A couple downsides to this app are that it is very time-consuming and that the pictures do get saved to your camera roll (but you can delete them). Download: (Similar app for IOS) iPhone Android
  3. LibibLibib is awesome for cataloging libraries, including movies, music, video games, and books. What it does: (Movies are all I’ve used it for so far) You scan the barcode on the back and it registers the movies for you. If it doesn’t match up, you can always manually enter it. It sorts it automatically for you (alphabetical order by title is the default, but you can change it). It also connects to where you can view your libraries and find friends. It’s also not super time-consuming like the closet app. I have 93 movies that I cataloged and it took me maybe 20 minutes to do them all. Once it recognizes the barcode, it’s fast. Download: Google Play App Store
  4. MapmyFitnessThis is the newest app I’ve downloaded. It is Under Armour’s app that helps you log any and all workouts you do. What it does: It tracks your workouts, including speed, route, duration, and calories burned. You can also log workouts that you don’t have your phone on you for. Like Forest, this has an upgradeable version that you can buy for more features. Also, there are other apps by Under Armour, so if you find something that works better for you, then go for it! Download: iPhone Android
  5. ESPNThis one isn’t as “organizational” as the others. For me, sports are a big part of my life. I like being able to know what’s going on when it comes to sports. What it does: It gives you scores and updates about both your favorite teams and favorite sports. There are also articles, videos, and highlights pertaining to the sports. Download: Google Play App Store


  1. Track your water, sleep, and steps- I do this through a couple different apps, but there are other ways to do it as well. Fitbits and smart watches are completely acceptable, as is writing things out by hand. Tracking these make it easier for you to know what your body is missing and needing. 
  2. Have a morning routine- One of the first things I do in the morning is wash my face. I feel so groggy beforehand, and that definitely helps me to wake up. Your routine can be whatever you need/want to do to wake up (so for some of you, coffee is probably a mandatory thing on your routine), but your routine should include the next tip.
  3. Make your bed every morning- I actually got this tip from both my parents and my current roommate, and I’ve incorporated it into my own life. It doesn’t have to be super elaborate every day. Just fix your blankets/comforter/quilts so that they are nice and neat. Take my word for it: it’s nice being able to slide into a made bed rather than wrestling with your covers. 
  4. Have a nighttime routine- Do a few things that help calm you down and get your mind ready for bed. For me, among other things, I log my water intake for the day and write the positive things that happened to me that day. Doing that every night helps my mind get ready to slow down.
  5. Keep the areas clean that you frequent most- By this, I mean your desk (if you have a job that requires a desk) or your bedroom. If you keep it clean, then it will only take you five minutes or less to straighten everything up. Plus, it makes you look like you have your life together and you feel less stressed when you know where everything is. 
  6. Be organized, almost excessively- I’m not talking about labeling every little thing. But like, keep track of your habits, the books you read, the movies you watch, when and where you meet up with friends, and other things. If it seems important in some way, then keep track of it. 
  7. Take time for yourself and practice self-care- For me, I do a face mask every Sunday night. It’s a good way for me to end a bad week and start off the next week right. The mask I use is just a 10-minute one, so when it dries, I rinse it off (Freeman’s y’all! They’re like $4 for a 6-oz. bottle). It’s not much, but it’s enough for me to just take some time for myself.
  8. Have a plan and follow it- I know I’ve mentioned multiple times about my weekly to-do lists. Well while I am still doing that, I’ve kind of changed it for this summer. I have a large white board in my room, and I’m using this for my week-to-week stuff. The one on my computer that I normally use for the school year I have my summer goals on. So that list is shorter, but it also takes longer to check something off. But I am working towards those goals with my weekly stuff.
  9. Take care of your email inbox- This one might seem a little weird, but trust me on this. You’ll definitely feel like you have your life together if you don’t have any unread emails. So while it may be a daunting task originally, you’ll thank yourself for it later.
  10. Manage your money well- Whether you write out a budget, use an app, or just eyeball it, it’s important to take care of your money. For me, I check my bank account frequently and manage my finances that way. So pay your bills on time, and budget for just about everything you spend.

I hope these apps and tips help you the way they are helping me!

Let me know if you have any thoughts or comments!


Kim ♥

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