Flow through Life

I have to be honest with you: I’ve had a pretty emotional week. There have been situations that have come up that have just knocked me down. Originally, I was looking at focusing on one individual situation and the lesson I learned from that. But then I realized something. All of these situations had the same lesson.

In thinking of just these situations individually, I couldn’t form enough reason to make a full-out blog post. But I thought of all the situations as a whole, and that changed things. I think that is a good metaphor for life. If you just focus on one situation, you may not have enough information to understand everything. But if you take a step back and look at a bigger picture, you might see these things that all of a sudden make sense. They fit in like puzzle pieces to make a complete picture.

I always feel like every opportunity and experience is a learning opportunity. These situations this past week have all strengthened me and taught me. From them, I have learned to trust my instincts, love more, be patient, and care for others. I try to do these things already, but they were a little more strengthened through this week.

You may have noticed that I changed my quote on my blog header. If not, that’s okay. It says “You can never cross the ocean unless you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” Trying new things is scary. Stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy. Sometimes, it’s easier to remain the same rather than letting things change you. But there’s a whole other world on the other side of the ocean. So yes, it is scary. Just like it takes courage to cross the ocean, it takes courage to learn from situations.

My previous quote on my blog said “Maybe life isn’t about avoiding the bruises. Maybe it’s about collecting the scars to prove we showed up for it.” I have scars both on my body and on my heart. I have things I regret individually, but nothing overall. Because even those regrets have made me who I am. People who spend their time trying not to get hurt, in my opinion, don’t lead as fulfilling of a life. I don’t mean that you should throw yourself into every single dangerous situation. Be careful and aware for sure. But, that doesn’t mean to avoid pain. It means that when it comes, you let it affect you while it’s a deep cut. But once it’s a scar, then it no longer holds the same power over you. I’ve heard people say that time heals all wounds. But that’s not true. Some wounds leave scars. But just because that scar doesn’t leave, it does not mean that there is still pain attached to that scar. But sometimes it is. I have two examples for this. I cut my finger pretty deep over a year ago. It hurt a lot! I kept a bandage on it and took care of it. Now, there’s just a faint white line on my finger. But there is no pain. The scar is still there, and I don’t forget how it happened, but it doesn’t affect me the way it did when it was a fresh cut. My second example: I have a scar on the inside of my top lip. In cheerleading my freshman year of high school, we were doing a routine stunt when something went wrong. The flyer landed on my face. I still had braces at this point, and the skin of the inside of my lip connected with my braces. That one hurt when it happened too. And there are times, especially if I can’t breathe in the night, that I wake up with my scar hurting (not to the extreme of Harry Potter, but enough that it is uncomfortable). Both types of scars are okay. You may have situations where once the pain heals, you never feel it again. But you may also have situations where the pain returns periodically. It doesn’t matter how deep the cut is; it matters more where the cut is located. For example, people who were cheated on in a relationship may have a harder time trusting their next partner. However, someone who ended a relationship more peacefully may not have the same trust issues.

I am proud to be scarred, both physically and emotionally. Like the situations this week I found myself in that might have hurt me, they also allowed me to grow and become stronger. I titled this week’s blog post “Flow through Life” because that’s how I feel. I’m in a type of earth science class this semester and we’ve talked a lot about sediment getting carried down by rivers. I’m a piece of sediment in the river that is life. I’m not obstructing life from happening. I am carried on by it. I may get bogged down sometimes, and it may take me longer to get to a certain place. But I am letting life carry me. There is no “race of life”. There is no prize for getting somewhere first. You don’t get an award. I’m such a competitive person that the word “race” implies a challenge. But life is not a challenge. You do your thing, and I do mine, and we live. You’re not better than me, and I’m not better than you. Life is a river. We flow and get carried along with the current. Sometimes, we get stuck, but we get moved on. We also run into things that may hurt us, but they don’t stop us.

I write this for myself more than I write it for you. Being able to write about stuff like this helps me to grow and improve. I used to be the person to internalize everything I went through. I don’t want to be that person ever again. I’ve spent too much time feeling like I was alone, and I would hate for you to feel like that too. So you’re not alone. We flow through life together. And if you eve need someone to talk to about any situation you’re facing, I am not hard to contact. From my blog alone, you can access Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and my email. Not to mention, those of you who know me personally can usually contact me through text and Facebook and other things as well. I’m here for anyone who wants to reach out!

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