Online Money-Saving Tips (4/30/19)

I just bought my textbooks for my summer classes, and I thought it would be worthwhile to share with you a couple of the tips I use to help me find lower prices.

The first tip is just a general online thing that I use. My default browser is Google Chrome. On it, I have an extension called Honey. It’s free to use, and when you are on shopping sites, it will give you coupons that you can try. Sometimes you already have the best deal, and that is great too! There are times, like on Amazon, where it can show you the pricing history and if that is the best time to buy. It is so fantastic! Get it here

The second tip is a little more geared towards textbooks, but in general can be used for other things as well. Textbooks can get crazy expensive. I like to price compare. One easy way that I do that is by using the website It lets you enter your textbook by ISBN, title, or author. When it finds it for you, it will list the list price as well as all the various options where it can be found. One of my textbooks had a list price of $379. That’s ridiculous! I found it through Slugbooks for $36.99. Then Honey gave me a coupon for free shipping. I got this book for 1/10 of the original price!

So those are my two main tips: Use a coupon extension like Honey and price compare! Good luck saving money!!

3 thoughts on “Online Money-Saving Tips (4/30/19)

  1. I found (.com redirected to .info before both went offline) many years ago, but sadly it is no more; believe it went offline a year or so ago. It was great as it included Buy It Now EBay as well as thousands of other sites in its search parameters; it wasn’t only for textbooks, but included non-textbooks and even Amazon products if you had an ASIN instead of a ISBN. I would sometimes find books in southeast Asia that were $40 with faster shipping compared to the $200+ and usually slower shipping that many of my textbooks went for in the U. S. If I were to start taking classes again, I would look at EBay as many of their Buy It Now prices are much better than even the textbook and etextbook rental prices.

    Thank you for letting me know about Slugbooks as I wasn’t aware of it before reading your post.


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