My High School Practicum Experience

About a month ago, I wrote on my middle school practicum experience. I spent 4 and a half weeks in a high school classroom and I got to experience and love all of them. It was such a wonderful time, and I just enjoyed being in a high school classroom.

I wanted to use today’s blog post to tell you about the things that happened in my time at the high school. As always, there is no order to anything. This is just as I remember it

  • One fire drill
  • A number of fights (I never saw them, but I heard about them)
  • Soft Lockdown (So this basically means that students aren’t supposed to leave the classroom and the door is locked.
  • Had a student draw for me.
  • (In an insulting tone): “You look like you would know that!”
  • I taught three lessons for two class periods so 6 lessons of teaching time
  • I visited my mentor teacher for student teaching one day instead of going to class. (Don’t worry. I talked to my practicum teacher about it, and it was fine)
  • Students telling me they love me
  • Hearing about students’ dating lives
  • Hearing about students’ work and jobs
  • Relating the students’ interest to what we were talking about (For example, shoe game= World’s Fairs)
  • Talking about sports, anime, musicals, and Dungeons and Dragons
  • Students complaining about a decoding activity because it was more work than they were used to.
  • I got asked if I was a student one day. (No, I am not)
  • I met a coach
  • One of the other teachers came in the room one day and had a mouse in her light fixture
  • Listening to music in class
  • Playing a Kahoot with a question about everyone in the room
  • Students being upset that I was leaving

Overall, it was a really great experience. I hate having to leave them, but I’m excited to student teach in a middle school pretty much all of next semester. My high schoolers were great, and I loved both of the practicum experiences that I have had.

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