As I prepare to step into teaching and take over the classroom, I think back over how I’ve gotten to this point.

I planned lessons last week and have been working on more for next week. Planning one lesson a little over a year ago was a daunting task that often took a couple days. But now, I can plan out an entire week in a decent amount of time.

What I’m saying is this: preparation really does pay off. Any job or trade will have some sort of preparation in it. You aren’t thrown in with no expectations or training and expected to be perfect. You’re usually given a leeway period with a certain amount of grace while you get to understand the workings of where you are.

When I did my middle school practicum back in September, I was a little quieter and not as involved with my students and their learning. A large part of that reasoning was because I was not given any expectations. I had some expectations when I went into the high school for practicum and that was a lot smoother. Having expectations helps prepare you for what’s to come.

Looking back on my time at college, I realize just how much I was being prepared for what was to come. What I haven’t learned in the classroom I will learn from experience. I’ve drawn lessons solely from content classes, I know how to plan lessons an units, and it has been drilled into my head to incorporate standards.

My math teacher in high school used to say “You practice how you perform.” My classes have been practice for how I will perform in my own classroom. Your training will be your preparation for how you perform on your own. Every good job has training and good preparation.

What I’m saying is preparation pays off. I’m seeing it in my own life, and I hope you see it in yours. Again, I never know what you’re going through. I only know what I’m going through and that’s what I choose to talk about. So stay the course, and trust that your preparation is entirely worth the end result!

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