Blogging in the Time of Crisis

I know that the Coronavirus is on everyone’s mind lately. I can’t say I blame you. It’s pretty much all the news talks about, and many places have stay-at-home orders.

I’m gonna be honest: this was not what I expected for most of March and April. I hoped to be student teaching and not at home all the time. I hoped to be able to enjoy my time with friends while I was home and drive up to campus on occasion. Instead, I’m basically under lockdown like many other places as we adjust to this reality.

This has affected my blogging, though not in the way you may have thought. Whereas before, my blog was often affected by time constraints. Now, I have all kinds of time so that’s no longer a problem. However, I like to look up ideas to write about that I can talk about and think you would enjoy.

The problem now is some of the ideas I look up are no longer applicable. As April comes around, there are ideas about traveling and Easter and all these other fun activities. The problem is, with all these stay-at-home orders in place, these fun things aren’t really possible right now.

The issue with all of this, at least on my end, is that I don’t want to only write about the coronavirus. You hear it enough from the news and other people; you don’t need to hear it from me. I’m going to try to keep up with other topics besides the disease. That might mean more history lessons. That could mean just random things. Regardless, I want to help keep your spirits up as we go through this.

I know this blog is a little shorter than some other things I’ve written recently. But this is what I’m thinking of right now. So, we’re gonna move forward and do our best to get through this!

Stay well, keep your distance, and we’ll make it through this!

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