Now What?

In America, and maybe some other places, quarantine and lockdown is beginning to end or at least ease. Whether or not you agree with the stance your state/country/city has taken when it comes to coronavirus is not the point of today’s post.

What is the point of today’s blog post, then, is not about how you feel but what you do. So today, I want to just provide a simple list of things you should be doing as restrictions are ending.

Things to do:

  • Follow guidelines- If a public place tells you that it is mandatory to wear a mask, then it is not your place to say no. If a place will only allow a certain number of people, then you need to respect it. This is new for all of us. Cooperate and do what’s needed as we all adjust. Please don’t be the person who makes this worse.
  • Look for a new hobby you can do at home or with a limited number of people- It’s still probably going to be a little bit before all restrictions are lifted. Find a way to keep yourself entertained and the time will go quicker.
  • Start catching up with friends- We’ve all been in our houses for two months at least. I won’t lie when I say I miss my friends. I’m starting to begin to arrange time with them while still remaining socially distant. I know I’m not alone. We all need friends.
  • Let your loved ones know you care- I know the word “love” has a certain stigma attached to it. But I personally have never been above ending a phone call with or just a casual throwing out of “Love you” or “I love you.” Again, we’ve all been cooped up for two or more months. We could all use more love in our lives. Tell people that you love them. Don’t be afraid of it.
  • Check in on your family- Even the elderly relatives who are at higher risk. They’re going through this too. Family, friends, and loved ones are important. Check in on them and do what you can for each other.
  • Keep yourself busy- This will only get worse if you let yourself twiddle your thumbs. Stay active, and stay busy.
  • Don’t neglect your health- The reason many of these guidelines were put into place was for health. So whether that’s exercise, washing your hands, or even just wearing a mask in public, now is not the time to neglect caring for yourself. Keep your health at the forefront.
  • Celebrate what you do- I posted last week about the class of 2020. Honestly, I still plan to celebrate my graduation. I’m still hoping for a ceremony in July, but if not, then I might have my own party or something. So celebrate! Throw your own party. Have drinks over Zoom or in person.
  • Be patient- As we adjust, there is so much that is still unknown. People are making decisions that they think is best. It’s still an adjustment period. Patience is key in this time.

I know it’s been crazy. But I feel we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t wanna jinx. Stay hopeful, stay healthy, and sooner than later, we’ll be to a more normal place.

Fruit bouquet my aunt got me for graduation

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