Making Art

I enjoy making art. I don’t get to do it as frequently as I like, but I do still enjoy it.

I painted a canvas over the weekend. It’s this week’s featured image, and I’ll include it at the bottom like I always do. I’m so proud of how it turned out. I’ll have to find somewhere to hang it at some point.

Unfortunately, life gets in the way. I am not talented enough to paint full time, nor am I sure I would want to. But it’s a good productive outlet when I need one.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes life gets in the way and gets to be too much. I get stressed and overwhelmed. One of my favorite ways to deal with it is to make art. Art helps me to process and allows me to concentrate. I can sort my thoughts and feelings out in a different way while managing my stress.

Art can take different forms. I like to paint and write usually. I have friends who draw, write music, take pictures, make videos, do podcasts, craft, knit, sew, sculpt, and so many other things. That’s the beauty of it. There’s so many different forms of art.

Art is important, both on a personal level and a cultural level. It brings beauty to the world even if you’re the only person to see it. Art isn’t always for praise or recognition. I’m proud of my painting whether or not anyone else likes it. I love stars and ships and octopuses and water. It’s what I wanted to paint.

This blog is technically an art form. And while I’m so pleased at the views and remarks I receive on it, that’s not the priority. Most of the time, this blog is for me. I love knowing what you think and I’ll always accept suggestions, but if I don’t have any of those, then I write what’s going on in my life. Maybe it’s a different form and focus, but I try to draw on my personal life.

I don’t know what your art form is. But whatever it is, I can assure you it’s worthwhile, even if the only person who benefits from it is you.

Creating art is wonderful and the result is beautiful. This world is so full of harsh and boring things. Work, school, and life can get monotonous. You do the same thing and fall into a routine. Not that there’s anything wrong with routines, but at least for me, I get stuck in a rut. Art is one of the things that make life beautiful.

Art is worthwhile, regardless of the subject, medium, or intended audience. I don’t feel I can stress this enough. We all need a little more creativity and beauty in our lives. If you can contribute to it by creating it, then please by all means do it! Most people have some form of creativity. Don’t try to squander it. Yes, other things in life are important too. Your jobs and schoolwork need to be done as well. But when you have time, make art. Bring some beauty, creativity, and color into your corner of the world. We could all use it.

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