Wrapping Up 2020

What a year, huh? We made so many jokes about what 2020 would look like. And then 2020 came and flipped all of those jokes on their heads. No one could have expected this year to happen the way it did. But, somehow, we have managed to make it through. We may be a little more battle-hardened and weary, but we’re here.

This is going to be my last post of 2020. I’m going to take a break next week as we wrap up the year.

In a weird way, I am glad we had this year. And no, I am not glad for the deaths and panic that have occurred because of this virus. But I am glad because it allows us to look at, try, and understand new things.

When I first started teaching, we were immediately online. It was definitely an adjustment, and I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t start out as the best teacher. In my years of undergrad, and even student teaching, I was never instructed of how to make interesting activities online for my kids. I never learned how to engage with students who don’t have their cameras on. (To this day, I still have never seen some of my students’ faces). It wasn’t easy to navigate and it took a little bit to learn that experience.

We finally transitioned to hybrid model, and I was able to interact with some of my students a bit more. However, that wasn’t meant to last, as we went back to virtual again just four weeks later. The second time virtual was much easier for me. It wasn’t as difficult, and it was much easier to make things more engaging.

And that’s just one example. I learned so much about myself this year that I probably never would have learned otherwise. I am so proud of who I am and where I’m going. I hope you can say the same for yourself. Obviously, I don’t know what you’ve gone through, and I can only begin to imagine based on what I’ve seen and experienced. But I hope you’ve learned and grown. I hope you know more about yourself. I hope you don’t see just the bad of this year. I hope you got some good things as well.

I don’t pretend to know what this next year will bring. But I know that the challenges of this year have shaped me and molded me in ways I didn’t know I needed. I am chasing my dreams and goals. I am making improvements for myself. I am doing the best I can. The circumstances have helped me remember the things that are important. I am growing, teaching, learning, and improving. I am not stagnant. Most importantly, I am at peace. I may not be immediately equipped to handle anything thrown my way in the future, but if this year has taught me anything, it’s that I can make it through. It might leave bruises or scars, but I’ll learn and adapt. I will overcome.

I hope that if you’re not at peace with yourself right now, it will come. That is my wish for each and every one of you in the coming year. I want you to find peace with all the circumstances that may come your way. And that’s not something I mean lightly. I have spent most of my life anxious and worrying about the future. While those anxieties are still there, they aren’t as prominent as they have been. I want each of you to experience that in your life as well as we wrap up 2020 and head into 2021.

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