Blah Days

You ever have those days where nothing is necessarily wrong, but you just feel “blah”? That’s kind of how today is for me. Minor annoyances and things, but nothing that really made the day good or bad. So as a result, I don’t really know what to write about. And there has been no moment of epiphany of what I want to write about. I’m just going to almost ramble a little bit.

I woke up a little bit late, but not crazy. I left and made it to work on time. My day was fine. I’m just tired and… blah. It’s not bad. I am still capable of getting things done.

But the big thing is, I don’t have to “make the day better.” Life is made up of good days, bad days, and in-between days. Each one shapes you. Each day is still an opportunity. I got some decent news today that I’m excited about. It hasn’t been a bad day. But it hasn’t necessarily been a bad day. I’m fine with it being a blah day. Tomorrow is a new day. I’m still getting what I need to done.

I do also want to mention at least one thing that I would suggest for combatting blah days. And that would be to just move. I set my students to work today and then just walked for a while around my classroom (we’re still virtual, so I just left my students on the computer screen). I felt the best when I was walking. I was able to think a little bit and get some exercise. It helped a lot.

My other big thing is to tell you not to force yourself to do things. Take care of yourself, whether that means taking a nap, eating less healthy, binging television (or in my case, a podcast). Like get up and move, but also rest and relax. You have to take care of yourself too. You’re the only you we got.

Let yourself have blah days. It’s not the end of the world. But make sure that you are also able to pick yourself up and continue. Work hard, but be easy on yourself. You won’t get right back to where you were, and that’s okay. You gotta do what’s best for you. Read your body and mind, and respond accordingly. Overworking yourself is not gonna do yourself any kind of good. Give your best every day, and accept that your best might change based on the day. Let yourself have blah days. I know this post is short, but again, that’s where I’m at today. No sense in trying to lie about it or hide it to anyone, including myself and you.

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