Privacy in the Public Eye

To start off, I need to put in a disclaimer: I don’t think I’m bigger than I am, and I love each and every one of my followers very much. I am so blessed and humbled.

In the 4.5 years I’ve had this blog (yes it HAS been that long), I have watched my followers grow and increase. Sometimes, it still blows my mind that people want to read what I have to say.

I’ve grown and changed a lot in that time, and it has really shown me something: my actions are in public view most of the time. I do my best to be honest both on here and offline, and, as a result, that usually means others are watching me and everything I do.

This doesn’t mean that I have to walk on eggshells. Rather, this means I have to be mindful about what I say, post, and do. I’ve had a lot of times where I’ve been really passionate about something and want to write a post about it, but then I have to remind myself to take a step back. I end up thinking about the post and usually decide it’s not always in my best interest to write it.

Recently, some of my students found me on Instagram. Had you asked me if I was okay with students following me, I probably would’ve said yes. However, this has definitely been something that’s making me stop and think. As such, I haven’t accepted or denied any of them. I may honestly make an Instagram account just for my students to follow. I haven’t decided yet.

Regardless, I’m reminded that what I say and do is under scrutiny. I don’t have anything on my Instagram that I necessarily want to hide, and we only have a few weeks left of the school year. But I still hesitate to have my students follow me.

Even without social media, as a teacher, I am constantly being watched. My kids see how I interact with them, their peers, and my peers. Other teachers come into my room, other students sometimes stop by, whatever it may be. I have to be extremely mindful of what I say and do in the classroom because even when there’s no one but me in the room, someone could walk by or in at any time.

All this being said, there are still ways to have privacy. I can always shut my door when I’m alone in my classroom. My Instagram is private (even though I encourage people to follow me). I try to keep details vague enough online to relate but keep things to myself. Even within my group of friends, no one person knows every single thing I’m doing. I’m working, making moves, growing, and reaching for new heights all the time. That’s not a bad thing by any means. I have a lot of plans and things I want to do. But I don’t need the whole world to necessarily know all my business.

To tie it all back together, I’m thinking of making changes to my blog. I won’t go into further details just yet, but I’m looking to do things to it that hopefully make it more enjoyable for me as the author and you as the reader. I love that I can maintain some privacy while still in the public eye. And don’t worry, Battle Kim of the Republic isn’t going anywhere!

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