Take a Break

Fall Break for me starts at the end of this week! I am so excited to have a week off of school!

I know some people can get up in arms cause teachers get “a lot of breaks”. But truthfully, teaching is hard work. I deal with almost 100 teenagers every day. Not to mention the things like lesson planning and the other duties and responsibilities that I have to shoulder.

Truthfully, I think I’m more excited about this break than my students are. These nine weeks have already been rough. There have been several incidents and it’s just all-around chaos.

Frankly, I’m just exhausted. I need this break. I need the time to rest and recharge. I know it will make me better and help keep me going for this next quarter.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with admitting you need some time off. Much of society is all about having perfect attendance at work or school and being completely dedicated to your job. But if you do that, you’re going to burn yourself out. I’m not saying take a day every week, but recognize that every now and then, you need a day to just do nothing. A day to have no responsibilities that you don’t have to worry about.

While I have some plans next week on break– there will be no post next week because of those plans– I do also have a few days built in where I don’t plan to do much. And I am looking forward to those just as much as I’m looking forward to my actual plans over break.

Breaks are good because they give you an opportunity to reset and recharge. If you’re working on a project, sometimes it’s good to take a break to get a fresh perspective on it. That fresh perspective could help you with solving a problem or frustration.

You shouldn’t be expected to be 100% all of the time, so it should be normal to take breaks. I get a decent amount of breaks during the school year, but I also work a really stressful job. In addition, I work in a rougher district, so the stress is even higher. My students need breaks too. They have eight classes they have to deal with, in addition to being teenagers. It gets a lot for them too. They need breaks too. Incidents have definitely gone up in these past few weeks because the students need that too.

Breaks are important. And actually taking them is important too. Don’t burn yourself out. Nothing in this life is worth that. Take a break when you need it.

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