Back to School

It feels good to be back on campus. Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely loved being home and the three weeks I had back in Indianapolis were excellent. I enjoyed sleeping in and seeing family and friends. However, it is nice to have a routine again.

Nevertheless, I will say that on Sunday, I was ready to turn around and go home. It was kind of a rough day. Nothing like super huge happened to make it bad, but it was just an accumulation of minor things that just was more than I could fully handle (even something small like dropping something four times from my car to the door of my dorm building). In fact, something incredibly minor made my day.

I stopped at Walmart before I got to campus so I could get some groceries that would need to be refrigerated. Well, I was walking out to my car (since it was the day when an entire student body was returning, there were no close parking spots) and I stopped as I saw this older couple getting into a car that was like a spot or two from mine. So I stayed where I was so that I would not be in their way as they backed out. As they were shifting into drive, the man rolled down his window (his wife was driving) and says “Thank you for that.” As I said, it was minor, but in an impatient world, waiting has become more of a big deal. But even with the worst days, you just take a breath and keep going. Bad days come and go just as good days do.

Anyway, classes started yesterday. I have 7 classes this semester (I’m taking 18 hours). One of them is split into a lecture and a lab (which makes it more like 8), and one is online. But it’s still a full load. However, it was nice to walk into my Honors class yesterday morning and see about 15 familiar faces as we had all decided to continue the course sequence with the same professor at the same time as last semester. There are only a few classes where I do not know anyone this semester. It is crazy to see how many people you actually know after only one semester of college. But not knowing anyone is not a big deal for me. Also, I scheduled my classes for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to be done by noon, which is wonderful. I then have the whole afternoon to do whatever I please (probably homework or my online class if I’m being honest, and occasionally doing laundry). However, Tuesdays and Thursdays, I am in class from 10 or 11 respectively until 3:15 with no break, which could be a struggle.

I actually do not think I have a class I will not enjoy this semester. It was a huge relief walking out of my history class today after the disaster of last semester (last semester’s professor was extremely long-winded and obsessed with Benjamin Franklin… I love history and that was my least favorite class last semester… And we covered the Civil War, which is my favorite topic in American history, BUT we only spent one lecture on it and talked about Gettysburg. I was kinda steamed about that). All of my classes are required, most for my major but a few just for all students, but I think I will still enjoy them all. Even the subjects like political science or economics that I have no interest in, the professors are cool.

I know it is going to be a lot of work. After all, I am an Honors student AND an education major, both of which are work-heavy. However, I do not mind the pressure. One of my goals while I am in undergrad is to never have an 8 A.M. So far, I am one-fourth of the way of completing that goal. I will not ever have a “light” semester, but that is fine with me. I would rather be busy than not, which is another reason why it feels good to be back to school.

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