Dear 2018

Dear 2018,

It is hard to believe that we are already 9 days into this year. When I was in high school, I always looked forward to my graduation year of 2016. It’s crazy to me that in 4 and a half months, that will be two years in the past. There will be a new round of kids graduating at that time, because this is the year that they have looked forward to. Be good to them, 2018.

Dear 2018,

I’m starting the year as a sophomore for the last time. It is so crazy to think that this is my penultimate spring semester of actual classes. I’ve come so far since 2016 (or even 2014, when I was halfway through being a sophomore for the first time). Let this be the year where I continue to grow, learn, and improve. I want to be better than I’ve ever been. Let the days help me to be kinder, healthier, less stressed, and stronger. Use the trials and the triumphs to mold me and shape me into the best future teacher, wife, mother, counselor, friend, and person I can be.

Dear 2018,

Let this be the year for everyone to take chances. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, so let this be the year we act like it. Allow us to do the things that we have always wanted to, the things we may have been scared to do. Let this be the year that people challenge themselves and conquer their fears.

Dear 2018,

2017 brought me one of the most amazing people in the form of a roommate. This is the year that we plan to get an apartment together. This is something we are both excited about. She is a wonderful person and I am so glad she is in my life. I could not ask for a better roommate. We both have ranted about crappy professors, an obnoxious classmate, and about a thousand other things. We’ve laughed and watched movies together, explained the complicated parts of our families. We have similarities and differences, but we always seem to agree when it matters. Here’s to the year where we have more misadventures, inside jokes, and a tighter friendship!

Dear 2018,

While I have always had great friendships, I want this year to be the year where all of those friendships are strengthened. I don’t just want friendships strengthened. I want all my relationships strengthened. Whether it is with my boyfriend, family, or people that I consider family (even if they are in no blood relation to me), I want to end the year with my relationships stronger than when I started it. Let me make the most of 2018 in spending the most time with the people I hold most dear.

Dear 2018,

I have made the Dean’s List the past three semesters. Last semester, I came the closest to my goal. I finished with A’s and A-‘s. I want this year to hold the semester (whether spring or fall) where I finally reach my goal of all A’s in one semester. I want to work hard and be recognized for that accomplishment. Allow me to study hard, work hard, and do my best this year.

Dear 2018,

I have been wanting a tattoo for a while. I am getting tired of waiting or thinking about it. I want this year to be where I stop hesitating and just go for it. I know I am going to love it. I’ve thought about it for at least 2 years, and nothing has changed about the main one I want. Allow me to stop chickening out and just do it.

Dear 2018,

I have talked about getting in shape for almost as long as I can remember. 2017 saw some of the biggest progress of this in my lifetime, but I want this year to be even more memorable. I want to challenge and push myself to reach my health goals, knowing how good it will feel accomplishing them. But I know that my size, weight, or shape is not the cause for my happiness, nor is my happiness dependent on those numbers. I want to reach those goals for myself, but if I don’t, then my happiness will not be lessened. I am better than I used to be, and I am improving every single day.

Dear 2018,

Allow me never to forget my past, but help me constantly learn and grow from it. Every experience and each day is an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve. Let me learn from my mistakes and repeat my successes. I want to never stop enjoying life, so give me the opportunity to live it to the fullest and create new memories each and every day.

Lastly, Dear 2018,

It’s been a long time coming. I’m going to turn 20 this year and will consequently be starting a new decade of my life before it is up. I don’t really like thinking that this is happening. However, I would not trade away where I am for anything. I have learned so much in these past years of my life, and I want this year to continue that trend. Let it be wonderful, amazing, fulfilling, and all I ever wanted. Let me use each day to create memories and moments. Let me exit the year better than I entered it. Finally, 2018, be good to me and to everyone else. Let this be the year that anyone and everyone realizes their potential and steps forward to meet it.


Kimberly Ann Parkhurst ♥

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