Classes for Spring 19 (1/15/19)

Hi everyone! I wanted to do something a little different this week for my Weekly Roundup! Instead of posting a recipe or something, I wanted to give you all an overview of the classes I’m taking this semester. Hopefully I can learn something pretty interesting that I can share with all of you!

  • HONR 390- “Civil War in American Memory” This is my Honors class where we are looking at different ways the Civil War is remembered. I’m enjoying this class so far because I love the Civil War; however, I seem to be the only history-based person in this class, so that could be problematic.
  • EDPS 390- “Educational Psychology” This is pretty similar to my Psych of Learning class I took a few semesters ago. It will be nice to have a refresher and maybe learn some new things.
  • SS 350- “Teaching Social Studies at the Middle School Level” I get to be taught by the Head of my Department again (I absolutely LOVE her!) AND it’s all of us junior social studies ed majors together, so it’s like one big reunion.
  • PSYS 493- “Teaching Psychology 1” It sounds a lot cooler than it is. I sit and observe a PSYS 100 class and also write a lesson plan about a concept I want to teach in psychology.
  • HIST 441- “Comparative Slavery” I’m really excited to learn about different aspects of African slavery to different places (North America, Europe, South America, etc.) from a professor who has her PhD in African Studies.
  • HIST 415- “History of Indiana” I can always learn more about my home, and I hope this class teaches me a lot. This will probably be stuff I share with you.
  • EDSE 320- “Reading for Diverse Learners in Secondary Content Classes” Honestly, I’m a week in, and I still don’t fully know what to expect from this class. I’m pretty sure it’s about making sure reading is important in secondary classrooms, and not just elementary level.

So there you have it! 7 classes, 18 credits. If there’s anything you want me to look out for or anything you want to know, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I look forward to being able to share my knowledge with you!

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