Find Your Art (1/22/19)

I want to do something a little different today with my Weekly Roundup. I want to basically treat it as a miniature blog post. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with life. A good way for me to relax is to make art.

Everyone has their own form of art. Some write, some draw, some paint, some take pictures. But even if you don’t think of yourself as creative, you have your own form of art. It’s in the way that you accomplish things that are so unique to you. It could be in the way you think, the way you act, or even the way you talk. So I encourage you to find your art. The world is a better place with you in it, and I want you to be remembered. I hope to write a book someday. I like to paint canvases. This year, I’m working on bullet journaling.

Find your art and make it great!!!

Only you can be you. So be the best you, and live life to the fullest. In the meantime, here are my two most recent canvases, both of which I am seriously proud of!

IMG_20190119_224929237.jpg IMG_20190119_224926134.jpg

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