Hawaiian Pizza Chicken (1/29/19)

I am back to making recipes! I love trying out new things and writing about them for you all. This week’s recipe comes from Meal Prep on Fleek. I made some orange chicken and fried rice last week (may post the recipe at some point) and while scrolling through recipes, I found a Hawaiian Chicken recipe. I saved that for another week. So this week, I remembered that recipe. I was looking for Hawaiian Chicken and came across this Hawaiian Pizza Chicken. I was intrigued so I clicked on it. It’s a Hawaiian Pizza on a chicken breast. This is awesome for wanting to cut carbs or gluten out of your diet (not that I’m really doing either but hey). But as far as simplicity goes, this is one of the best! Season the chicken, bake until slightly underdone, top with pizza sauce and toppings, and bake a little longer to brown the cheese. That’s it! And this recipe is so customizable with any pizza toppings you want!

Here is the link to the recipe! here

Snapchat-738074380.jpg Snapchat-1603803026.jpg

Let me know if you try this recipe and what you think! Hope you enjoy this week’s Weekly Roundup!

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