Cheesy White Pizza Casserole (4/2/19)

It’s Weekly Roundup time! I have another new recipe for you!! I made a Cheesy White Pizza Casserole this week for dinner. It’s basically a pizza-type pasta without the red sauce. The recipe comes from Sweet and Savory Meals.

I also added some Italian sausage, mushrooms, and black olives to customize it to my tastes. I can always recommend you experiment with your own ingredients. Also, this recipe calls for 4 cups of pasta. That is a ton. I did that, and it made so much that I actually had to freeze some of it. (4 cups is 2 boxes fyi) One box would be plenty without changing any other measurements.

Anyway, click the link to head over to Sweet and Savory Meals and get the recipe for Cheesy White Pizza Casserole: here Let me know what you think of it, and be sure to check it out! Don’t forget to subscribe!!!!

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