Last year, I did a post on gratitude and shared what I was thankful for. (Read it: This year, it’s a lot harder to determine what to write because all the same stuff rings true from last year. However, there are a few things I want to add to this year’s list:

  • Teaching- This year, I have actually gotten to be in the classroom as a teacher rather than a student. It’s so wonderful to be preparing myself for my future!
  • Mentors/guides- I would not be where I am without support along the way. These people have pushed me and guided me to make me better.
  • Hard work/ difficulty- I have done things this year that I felt so unprepared for. But they make me a better person and future teacher.
  • Friendships- New friends, old friends, it doesn’t really matter. I’ve made some new friends, strengthened some bonds with old friends, and grown closer with a lot of my current friends. There is a group chat with my major, and it is one of the greatest things!
  • Time- Time spent with loved ones, time teaching, time completing assignment, time to relax. I’m grateful for all of it. At this point, I only have a few assignments left before the end of the semester, and I have plenty of time to do them.
  • Preparation/planning- To be honest, you don’t ever feel prepared to be a teacher. However, the idea of planning lessons or even units is less daunting to me because I’ve done it. In talking about lesson/unit planning the other day, the head of my department said, “I’m killing you so you can live.” Planning units and lessons for her is extremely detailed. Most schools do not need that much detail. This means that when the time comes to plan out our own lessons and units, it’s going to be A LOT easier to plan them.
  • Beginnings/endings- My time at college is almost over. This is my last semester of actual classes. And while it’s scary to end something familiar, I’m eager to begin learning and applying my skills in a new way.

So that’s the new things I’m thankful for this year. My life changes, and I find that every day makes me a better person. Happy Thanksgiving!

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