Update: Why I Started my Blog

I posted a long time ago about why I started my blog. But that was over 4 years ago! A lot has changed since then. I’ve changed since then. If you’re curious, the link to that original post is Here.

Many of those things still are true. I still have lots of thoughts in my head. And sometimes I still can’t wait to write them down.

But if I’m honest, that’s not always the case. Life is busy, I’m busy, and sometimes writing is hard. So I guess this post is better titled as “Why I Continue my Blog”.

Even on days when it’s hard, I enjoy writing. Most of the time, it soothes me. It’s relaxing and gets out some of the thoughts I have in my head.

I also really like to help people. I recognize that I have a decent following on here, and I am so grateful every single day. And I know that I can’t reach everyone on every post I write. But I do my best. I provide insights into my life in lessons that I hope you can learn something from too.

In addition, I feel that this blog is a place for me to teach. It’s what I do for a living, and I enjoy it. I want to share the wisdom and knowledge with anyone else. Knowledge is something that deserves to be shared with everyone!

This blog is coming on its 5th anniversary this fall. If you’ve followed my blog, all this time, then you’ve seen me grow through all of my college years and prepare for my career. And now that I’m in my career, you get to follow that journey as well. And if you’re new, welcome! I’m so glad to have you here! I hope you come back.

So even on days that it’s hard to write (like today), I’m so glad that I have this blog and I get to write. I hope this blog continues to inspire and teach. Even if I just reach one person, then I have done more than my job!

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