How to Pack a Carry-On

It’s packing day! I am flying out for a trip tomorrow and will get back on Sunday. This is a trip I have been planning for a while, and I am really excited about it! Two years ago, I wrote a post on what to pack for a cruise (read it here ). Even though this trip comes at the end of the summer for me (and most people), I think this post can be helpful for anyone traveling.

For today’s post, I want to provide some packing tips, as well as my packing list. The airline that we’re flying on charges extra for checking a bag. I don’t really want to pay the extra money if I don’t have to. So with that, I packed everything in a carry-on. Here’s how I did it:

  • Roll your clothes- This is going to save you more space than you realize. Fold your clothes in half vertically, fold in any extras (sleeves, etc), then roll as tightly as you can.
  • Use packing cubes if you have them- I got most of my clothes into one packing cube, which really helped save a lot of space.
  • Separate your big shoes- Put your shoes on the back, the sides, find room for them. Pairing them together can actually take away space in your bag.
  • Try to combine things as much as possible- Obviously, if you’re flying, you have to have all your liquids in one bag. I also put as much as I could into my makeup bag, including my makeup, jewelry, hair ties, headbands, bows, and toothbrush. This way, those things are all together, and it saves me a little bit of space.
  • Pack things as small as possible- I’m taking a smaller book with me. I’m also taking some games in the hopes that we’ll have time to play them. But I’m not taking huge board games that are going to take up a lot of space. All the games I am bringing are small, and are easily packable.
  • Take advantage of your bag space- Use every part of your bag that you can. My bag has pockets. I use them. I also try to tuck smaller things in places where I can. Make your bag work for you and fit things where you can.

Alright. Those are my tips of how to pack a bag. Now, let’s unzip and show you what’s inside!

  • Outfits- Go based on weather. I’m taking shorts, loose shirts, and comfortable clothing because it’s going to be hot where I’m going. So I packed accordingly. Over the five days, I’m taking two pairs of shorts, a dress, and enough shirts. On that note…
  • Extra clothes- Obviously, since there’s limited space, you can’t pack your entire closet. But I do have an extra shirt and a pair of pants if needed.
  • Appropriate shoes- If you’re sitting on the beach on a whole trip, you probably don’t need a lot of tennis shoes. But if you’re walking around the whole time, then you probably won’t want sandals. For my trip, we’re going to be doing a lot of walking. I’m taking two pairs of tennis shoes, a comfortable pair of slip-ons, and a pair of sandals.
  • Swimsuit and coverup- We do have a pool where we are staying, and so I packed a swimsuit. But the water isn’t our priority the way it was on the cruise two years ago, so I’m only packing one swimsuit.
  • Pajamas and undergarments- I don’t think I need to go into detail on these. Be hygienic.
  • Toiletries- Again, don’t think I need to spend too much time here. Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, deodorant, face wash, etc.
  • Makeup and jewelry- I’m not taking my entire thing of makeup. It’s hot, and I don’t want to melt my face off. As for jewelry, I’m taking earrings and my smart watch, and that’s it.
  • Rain jacket/ rain poncho- Rain can ruin your day anywhere. I packed my rain jacket and a couple rain ponchos so that way we don’t have to be caught off guard.
  • Chargers- I need my phone charger and my watch charger. I’m also taking a speaker, so I need a charger for that. In addition, I have a power bank in case someone needs it while we’re out.
  • Games- Like I mentioned earlier, I am taking a few games with me. I’m taking some smaller versions of the games so they fit in my bag.
  • Things to do on the plane- I’m taking a book to read and a book of sudoku puzzles. That way I have things to do on the plane.
  • Earbuds- I always travel with ear buds. Music is so important to me. I have to have music, especially on the plane.
  • Gum- Gum is so important, especially for plane travel.
  • Sunglasses- I don’t think I have to explain this one either. They’re important
  • Water bottle- Like my earbuds, I always travel with a water bottle. Hydration is key.
  • Extra bag- While we’re walking around, we’re going to want to put souvenirs and things in a bag. So if I have a bag already, that saves us some effort and hand space.

That’s my bag and how I packed it! I’m so excited to fly out tomorrow! Hope this travel list and tips helped you pack your own carry-on!

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