Glow Up

It’s summertime here in the States! As a teacher, I am not “working” during the summer, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not working. I am always still working on me, and like any other time of year, I have projects that I’m working on.

For me, summer is a time to reset. I can work on all those projects I’ve been neglecting because I’m not at my normal job all day. I personally like to use this time to knock out some of those projects.

A few years ago, there emerged the term “Hot Girl Summer,” named after the song by Megan Thee Stallion. It was all about people (not just girls) having confidence in themselves and doing the things they wanted to do. In a sense, that is what I’m doing this summer. I have a good sized list of projects that I’m working on and plan to accomplish this summer. These projects and goals are designed to work every part of me. I have teaching stuff, fitness stuff, I want to read more, I want to paint more, I’m learning to crochet, and so many other things. I want to improve physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally.

I’m constantly working on myself, and that’s something I encourage for everyone, as many of you regular readers are well aware of. That’s why I titled this post “Glow Up”. Glow up emerged around the same time as “Hot Girl Summer” but it’s more about getting more attractive. And while I don’t plan on getting more physically attractive, I am working on things that make me more attractive to myself. I want to go to bed every night liking who I was that day.

A glow up doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. I’m working on glowing up this summer so that I can be a better teacher, friend, coworker, and family member. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to get stuck being the same person my entire life. I want to be able to learn new things and do better for myself and for others. I’ve been through a lot this year already, and I don’t know what else this year or the future will bring. All I can do in the meantime is grow, work, learn, and try to be prepared for what may come.

Even if you’re not in the same profession I’m in, where I have the time I can focus on those things (including my career), you still can have the time you commit to improving yourself. It may take longer than just a summer, but that shouldn’t discourage you.

The main thing about a glow up besides it taking time is that it takes commitment and dedication. It’s not just something you decide to do one day and then let time take its course with no other work on your end. You have to actually put in work to get results. All of the things I am doing this summer require some form of work. Even if it may just be a day or less, it still requires some effort put into it.

But I like to think also that that work is part of the glow in the glow up. Learning something new can be challenging, frustrating, and enjoyable all at the same time. But once you figure it out, it usually becomes pretty easy and straightforward. For example, I’m still pretty new to crochet, but I can do a few of the stitches that I have been practicing pretty easily. And I know the more I do it, the better I will get at it. But it has already gotten a lot easier than before I even did it at all.

I know a lot of people give teachers crap for having summers off, but I am working hard even though I’m not teaching students. My job doesn’t stop just because I’m not in the classroom. I’ll probably be planning lessons sometime this summer and I’m attending at least one conference to help me become a better teacher. Then hopefully when I have a new batch of students come August, I’ll do even better with them than I did with the class I had this year. I don’t stop being a teacher just because my students are not in the classroom.

Again, depending on your life and job, reaching your goals and completing projects may take longer or shorter than mine do. And that’s fine. What matters is that you put the commitment and dedication into completing them in your own time. I choose to use the summer as my glow up period. Yours could be a month or a year. Go at your own pace but always keep moving forward, and you will see your own glow up!

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