Setting Goals

The big topic lately that I have been talking about on here is growth and goals and improvement. Since that’s still on my mind, I want to continue talking about that. However, I want to talk about in a different way.

An important part of having goals is the process of setting them. I want to offer some tips and tricks that I have learned that come to setting goals in the hopes that they can help you on your own journey, whatever that may be. Goals help you to reach for something better in a way that you can challenge yourself to keep improving. I have talked before about how complacency and perfection is really just a way to be lazy because it is important to keep growing. So here are my tips.

  • Make your goals specific- What do you actually want to do? If you’re trying to get in shape, what is your actual goal? Are you trying to press a certain weight? Do you want your arms to be a certain circumference? That’s just one example. But hopefully you get the point. Get specific with your goal. This way, you will know once you have achieved it.
  • Have an actual way to measure your goal- In addition to being specific, you need to have a way to measure it. If you want to work on your finances and have a solid emergency fund, give yourself a specific amount to have.
  • Break your goals down into increments and steps- Your goals should be out of your reach. That’s the point. They shouldn’t be anything you can do right away. Break them down into smaller goals. I’ve talked before about how I bought a car in September. I obviously want to pay off my car. But first I have to get to 25% paid off or 50% paid off. Those smaller steps help you to achieve the full goal. On that note…
  • Give yourself deadlines for the goals, especially the small steps- This way you can work on and actively work towards your goals. They will help you reach them in a timely manner. It’s one thing to have specific goals, but the deadlines you set for yourself are going to be how you actually reach them.
  • Set goals that you can actually reach- Work toward what you are actually doing so that you have a goal. Running a marathon may not be realistic if you’ve never done ay serious running. It might be more realistic to start with a 5k or even a mile. I’m not saying you can’t ever run a marathon if that’s your goal, but start with shorter distances and work your way up.
  • Don’t overwork yourself- Yes, working toward your goals is important. But if you go 100% all the time, you’ll burn yourself out really fast. You gotta work on other things or take breaks at times. This way, you can continue to work on it with the same intensity.
  • Work on other things too- I have lots of projects this summer (just like all the time). I’ll be switching back and forth as this also helps to avoid the burnout.
  • Reward yourself for hitting your milestones and goals- Your work is important and hitting your goals is important. But also take the time to celebrate all that you have accomplished, especially when you reach a milestone or a goal. Reward yourself in a way that’s beneficial to you.
  • Finally, set new goals- Once you’ve reached your goal, keep moving forward. Find a new goal for you to achieve and work towards it!

So that’s it! Set your goals. Work towards them and keep moving! You got this!

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