Practicing Gratefulness

This week in the United States is Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a great time to spend with loved ones. One of my favorite traditions is talking about what everyone around the table is thankful for.

But even though Thanksgiving may only be one day, you can practice this idea all year round.

I meditate each morning. And a big thing with meditation is focusing on your breath. So even as you focus on your breath, you can be grateful your lungs work and your body works so you can get the oxygen you need. When your alarm goes off, you can be thankful you have a job to go to.

Practicing gratefulness isn’t just about celebrating the big things; it’s about acknowledging the small things as well. Each year I’ve been teaching has been vastly different from the year before. I learn a lot about myself and there’s always stuff to improve.

But I continue to try to practice gratefulness over even the most mundane things. There wasn’t a fight in my classroom today. Stuff didn’t get thrown today. I didn’t get cussed out today. (All of these are real examples by the way). And if the day sucks? I can be grateful that there never has to be another day like that one again.

It’s not easy, and it definitely takes a lot of work. But it is so important overall. It makes you feel happier and more at ease.

I had something small work out for me this week. It’s something I’m excited about, and it doesn’t really affect anyone else. But I took the time to be thankful for the planning and effort that helped bring this together.

Again, I’m still working on this too. But it’s so important. It makes you better and puts you into an easier mindset.

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