Life is a balance. And lately my life has been so far out of balance that I almost didn’t post today. But I’m working on it.

See life isn’t just one component. It’s a stool, and if one of the legs of the stool are shorter or are gone completely, the stool will either wobble or topple over.

For me, my stool has four legs. There’s the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Your stool might be different, and that’s okay. You might have a three-legged stool, a five-legged stool, or any other variation. But I want to mention my components the way I see them.

Let’s start with physical. This one is the easiest. That’s taking care of your body. It’s eating well, working out (in whatever way you choose), and maintaining your body in both form and function. I know I want to start stretching every night before bed so I can increase my flexibility and take better care of my body.

Mental health is my next one. How are my spoons? Am I feeling mentally worn out? Maybe I need to journal, or take a walk, or meditate. The things you do for self-care are usually meant to improve mental health.

Emotional health is another one for me. If I’m angry at the world, my emotional health is probably suffering. If I cry at the drop of a hat, there’s probably something seriously wrong. Not being able to regulate my emotions all that well shows me that my emotional health is struggling.

Last but certainly not least is my spiritual health. Am I praying? I use meditation to increase my spirituality as well, so if that goes down, then that aspect of my health goes down too.

Again, life is a balance. When your stool gets out of balance, it makes your life wobbly. It takes a lot of introspection. I’m still working on it myself. But what’s important for you is that you figure out the legs of your stool.

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