The Poisonous Pursuit of Perfectionism

Old habits die hard. I wrote a post in July 2020 about Overcoming Perfectionism, and yet I’m still here writing about this same topic.

It doesn’t matter that I know perfectionism is overrated. I still fall into the same trap that I have to be perfect at everything I do. And yet again, that is not the case. Being perfect is unattainable. It’s always one step away, one more push, one more. There is no end to perfectionism because perfectionism is not worthwhile. It’d cliche, but no one is perfect. And there’s good reason for that!

Recently, I had to realize that one of the goals I have set for myself is unrealistic in the time frame that I had given myself. The goal is still achievable, but life got in the way. So to try to achieve it as originally planned was running me ragged. My stress level was high, and all it was doing was causing me to burn out.

So I adjusted my goal and plan. I’ll still meet what I need to, it just won’t be on such a tight schedule. And that’s completely fine. My health and life matter more than any goal.

Life is messy. It’s just how it is. But trying to go after perfection is only going to sap your strength and poison your abilities. It’s a pursuit that will never stop. That’s why it’s poisonous. If you’re so focused on chasing perfection, you’ll never stop. You’ll never be happy or satisfied.

I don’t expect you to master this. Clearly, I still have things to learn on this myself. But if all you ever chase is perfection, then you will fail every time. Instead, go after things you can reach. Maybe extend your time frame, like I did. Or set a smaller goal for yourself. I don’t know what you need.

I know this post is a little shorter. And personally, it feels all over the place. But just like with life, my blog doesn’t have to be perfect. There’s no set format, no set way that things have to be. One post can be long, and the next can be short. Perfectionism is overrated and being perfect is a poisonous pursuit to get you nowhere.

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